Recommended professionals in Panama

The following is YourPanama's list of recommended professionals in Panama, all highly regarded for dedication to service and quality advice, all fluent in English. Some offer discounts exclusive to visitors, so make sure to let them know where you heard about them.

Juan Antonio Candanedo.
Candanedo & Candanedo Montenegro Abogados.
Juan Antonio Candanedo is part of a family firm of lawyers, well established in the City of David. He speaks English and has become our lawyer and adviser on all things Panamanian.
He came to us from a long line of people who highly recommended him.

Contact email:
Phone: (507) 775-2971 - (507) 775-3975

"He is thorough, efficient and he is the only lawyer we trust to act for us."
David Dell,

Private hospital located in the center of the city of David. This facility has all the state of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment including CTscan, MRI and Hyperbaric chamber. Medical coverage for two persons can start as low as $90 per month. For more details contact the admissions director Manuel Granados.

Caridad has assisted us personally in our move to Panama.
She will answer your emails and her company is one of the most professional in Panama. My advice is to use a shipper in Panama and not in you home country, because the problems invariably happen after your goods arrive- that's when your distant shipper tends to fade from the scene. Importantly that is when a local shipper, such as Caridad, can sort things out right at the source.

Caridad Charette
Albrook Commercial Park
Warehouse D-9
Panama, Rep. of Panama
Tel. 507-232-7155
Fax 507-232-7151

Shoshanna Levy, Inversiones Panama Florida,, (real estate). Shoshanna is head of the largest and oldest real estate agency in Panama. Location: Panama City. See important note below.

Mari Cruz Garcia Bilbao, Venta Selectas,, (real estate). Location: Panama City. See important note below. Mari Cruz has a new agency, but her service is superb and very much tailored to the individual. She has proven that with YourPanama clients.

Priscilla McLeod, Priscilla McLeod y Asociados,, (insurance). Location: Panama City. When you are looking for mortgage insurance, you want the cheapest. Tell her that and she'll find it. When looking for health, fire, automobile or other types of insurance, look for the most suitable insurance that fits your budget. She'll find that. She's the best there is, according to YourPanama clients.

Each month, new specialists and their references are checked carefully, and new people who may be of use to readers will be added to this list of recommended professionals in Panama. I pay close attention to what YourPanama clients have to say about service, price and professionalism.

Over the next few months, after careful scrutiny, one or two senior bankers will be added to our list of recommended professionals in Panama. So will architects and building contractors in various parts of the country. And, if I can find the right one, there might be one more real estate agency, in the Volcan area. will not provide services, specialists or advice with respect to Bocas del Toro at this time. It is considered a risky place in which to invest for two reasons: there have been many fraudulent land deals there, and the government is looking into land held under Rights of Possession, squatters' rights. Most land in that area is ROP land. Unpleasant things may happen to some landowners there before this is all over.

Apart from that, we already cover all parts of the country in which ex-pats normally choose to live. As you see, the work is not yet done (and there may always be something else to achieve), but we have made a start in providing you with what I hope will be a less stressful introduction to this country.

You can rely on the recommended professionals in Panama mentioned on this page.

Please help by telling me what else we can do for you.

Our motto: Strive to deliver – and then to over-deliver.