Idyllic, Secure, Mountain
Tranquility Home.
(The Quetzal House in Paso Ancho)

This is Panamanian living at its very best. Located in the "Eternal spring" highlands of Chiriquí province in the small town of PASO ANCHO, in western Panama. The climate here is truly idyllic. Daytime highs of 80F(27C) and nighttime lows of 62F. (17C)

located between Volcan and Cerro Punta at an altitude of 5000 ft or 1500 meters.

Water comes from the local Paso Ancho water system. The water is pure and does not require treatment with chemicals. The cost for a year’s water is an unbelievable $75.

Picture yourself sitting on this porch gazing over the manicured lawns of your 3 bedroom,2.5 bathroom home. There is no traffic noise at all. The only sounds that fill the air from the tumbling waters of the nearby Chiriquí Viejo river. Oh! and the countless sounds of myriads of brightly coloured tropical birds.

As you enter through the two hardwood glass doors to your right is the spacious living room. You notice that the floor is tiled throughout and you notice that against the wall is a fireplace. Yes, the fireplace is real and on those dull, rainy nights you will just love to snuggle up to a real wood fire.

Turning to your left you see the kitchen. Spacious, tiled and with a great little "island" right in the middle. Three windows look out onto the manicured grounds so even if you end up washing the dishes-that can be visually inspiring.

A great design feature of this house is that when you are entertaining guests, you can still have eye-contact and converse as you are preparing the food.

Another great design feature is this walk-in pantry across from the kitchen island. Here you have oodles of space to store months of groceries if needed.

BONUS! This home is offered at a bonus as turn-key. This means all your cutlery, towels, bed linens etc. are there. All you need to bring to start living here - is your suitcase and personal effects.

Behind the pantry wall is the guest or first bedroom. Conviently located with the living room separating it from the master and second bedroom- so guests can feel a certain  sense of privacy. All the bedrooms come with an ensuite bathroom. So your guests or Mother-in-law (sorry, had to mention that) are mercifully self contained.

This spacious living room has a dining table situated close to the kitchen (that makes sense)

People not familiar with this area of Panama might well ask "why on earth do we need a fireplace - isn't this the steamy tropics." No! this is not your usual tropical living -this is the "Eternal spring" climate of the Chiriquí Highlands. Most daytime highs rarely go above 80F and night time lows are around 62F. However there are some nights in the rainy season when snuggling up to a real wood fire - will be just heavenly.

To the right of the fireplace is the master bedroom. Large windows mean you can enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of nature any time you like-day or night.

To the left of the master bed is this walk-in closet. Note the hardwood louvres and drawers. Hardwood is used throughout this home.

The master bathroom features his-and-hers vanitys.  If you have small children another great feature of this home is there is a connecting door between the master bathroom and the third bedroom. So if you have small children you can keep them safely and securely within earshot.

The garden of this home is a true delight. It is framed by these tall pine trees. The garden has been lovingly landscaped and a wide variety of flowers bloom-all year round.

In this picture we show the garage and the security bars on all the doors and windows. EVERY country in Latin America has these. It is not only customary but makes good common sense. In any central or south American country you simply cannot rely on the police as you would in North America. Your first defense against crime is PREVENTION.

The GARAGE has room for 2 cars and there is additional storage behind.

The gate in front of this green car would be your entrance to your home.

There are 5 similar homes in this former holiday home complex, so you will always have close neighbours. The important aspect of the high hedge is that neither your home or that of your friends can be seen clearly from the road. This is intentional and why we have the word "Secure" in the page title. An old Chinese proverb says something like this: "A wise rich man has a poor man's front door."

Finally, as you drive up to Paso Ancho (the area where the house is located) you will see this magnificent mountain to your right. It is the 11,400 foot Volcan Baru Volcano. It is the highest peak in Panama. For those fit enough or foolhardy, you can take a 5 hour hike to the summit.

From there you will see both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. This is a feature that you will enjoy every day you live in these idyllic highlands of Chiriquí.


Google earth location of Las Plumas Holiday Home Rentals. Location coordinates 8°49' N / 82°37' W


Quetzal: 26559.58 ft2  (Metric) 2468.73

Home ca. 2324 ft2 (216 m2)

Construction year 2005 and based on high North American standards.

This home is also advertised on the VRBO website (Vacation Rental By Owners) see the listing on 55927

Important: If you do not anticipate living in Panama year-round you can rent out the home through VRBO. The home is a proven income producer.

As you can see from this map the property is located approx. 5 kilometers from the center of Volcan, and about 1/2 kilometer from the paved road.

A YouTube video is available for this home.

Please CLICK on the link below to view.

This home is offered for sale with clear title.

The price in US dollars is: $299,000

Please contact the owner, Dirk de Veer, for more details:

Volcan will be your nearest large town. here are some questions you might have.

11,200 at the last census, of which about 300 are expats.



Yes, you need original letters of recommendation from your home bank - but you can draw money from the ATM even if you do not have an account.

There are three ATM's in Volcan.



10 supermarkets, 3 hardware stores, three gas stations, two garden supply stores and over thirty places to eat.



Yes. It takes about 2 months and you do have to fill out some forms.



Yes. The majority of locals believe that the American "Just Cause" invasion of Panama, liberated them. However, most locals think that all Americans are millionaires.



Yes. Every Friday morning most of the expats meet for breakfast at MANA'S RESTAURANT. We have ex pat musical "Pub Nights"  every  Saturday at the DEEP FOREST TAVERN.

If you sing KARAOKE or play the guitar you most welcome.


 There are hiking, walking, quilting and motor bike clubs. There is an unspoken rule that we help "newbies" in any way we can.



There are many FREE articles about the history of  Volcan area at:



Free maps are available for Volcan and most of Panama at: