Volcan prices rising

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The investment optimism here in Volcan is almost palpable. The amount of buying, renovating and building can be seen all over town. If you read the article on "Volcan prices rising" you will see that our days of being a poor backwater will soon be over. Volcan is being discovered by people from all over the world.

I met a buyer/developer this week and she tells me she is buying anything she can. She is not alone - other people tell me there are several developers doing exactly the same thing.

I have a friend who told me he had a 30 hectare farm for sale. I almost fell through the floor when he said the price. A year ago this farm might have sold for around $70 to $80,000. My friends price: $4.5 million. Why does he think he can get that price? It's because of the developers I have just mentioned. With all the hotels, resorts and sub-divisions being planned, the prices will rise. I knew this town had the potential, I just didn't think it would happen this quickly.

There are a few bargains left - but trust me, they will not last long.

David Dell
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The Sabans, won an award in Britain for having the best pond in the country. Thankfully, they have brought their considerable skills to Panama. As an animal rescue and information centre, the benefits will be felt far and wide.

Britain's best builds in Boquete

Can two, non-medically trained women, actually diagnose such diseases as arthritis and even cancer? Volcan's amazing little clinic has had some startling sucess, so much so, that local professionals now believe in the system. Volcan's amazing diagnostic clinic
Volcan is still the most affordable place to buy retirement property in Panama- but only just. In just one year, prices have quadrupled. The window of opportunity is closing fast. The exodus from other countries in the region is fuelling this rise.

Volcan prices rising

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