Our bees are disappearing!

Welcome friends from around this great world to the August edition of the Panama Nuggets NEWSLETTER for 2007.

Despite being told that the government is going to reinstate the 90 day tourist visa, so far it hasn't happened. Most of us here find it mind boggling that the government is actively trying to lower tourist investment. All I can say is that if you choose to tour or invest in a third world country, ocassionally you have to expect this. Hopefully by the next newsletter I can report that the people in Panama City are smartening up.

A few months ago I started an article on local bee keeper Javier Morales. At the time I mentioned that in the US, bees were disappearing in alarming numbers. Javier assured me that it was not happening here in Panama – that was then, this is now. On a follow up story Javier now tells me that there seems to be a widespread loss of up to 50% in hive activity.

The local farmers tightly control pesticide spraying, as they need the bees for pollination. Javier has noticed that if his cell phone is called while working with bees then they get disorientated. So what has changed here in the mountains of Chiriqui? In the last months four, new cell-phones towers have been erected.

David Dell
E-mail: chiriquivillage@yahoo.ca

Panama's bees are disappearing! Is this part of the north American phenomena? We may be the first website to alert people to a potential ecological disaster. Bees are crucial for many more things than just producing honey.
Disappearing bees
Totumas, are things that most of us have never heard of, but these cups and bowls are most probably the oldest serving ware known to mankind. These incredible and durable fruit hulls could last a lifetime. A great lesson could also be learned from the artisans that make them.
Totumas, Panama's lost art

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