Weather changing: for the better

Sorry we have missed out a few months here, we have been busy. If Panama is in your retirment plans then we have several pieces of good news for you. First our new president Ricardo Martinelli is shaking things up here. He is getting tough with corruption and crime - two things that most expats applaud him for. He is quite different from most politicians we have seen. He made a wonderful statement in his opening address that in his administration people might put their foot in their mouths, but wouldn't have their hands in the till. Martinelli plans to bring Panama into the first world during his time - I think he can do it. Then there will be no question as to where the world's best retirement destination is - it will be Panama.

I have seen reports that the oceans of the world are at their hottest since records have been kept. How does this effect Panama? Well so far the rainy season here has been anything but. Yes we have had the occasional downpour, enough to keep the grass green and the plants growing but this rainy season is nothing short of glorious. The biggest single drawback for living in Panama was the long and dreary rainy season. If we got 6 months of good weather we were happy - so far this year the good times have lasted 8 and we might even make 9 months. What does that mean for retirement? Panama is politically the most stable country in Latin America. Possibly the most affordable with good health care and now - we have a great climate that rivals anything in the world.

In this NEWSLETTER edition we look at the great Pacific resort of LAS LAJAS, The incredible story of Volcan's EGGMAN and finally we feature a new company offering energy alternatives, SKY ENERGY.

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Chiriqui Libre July /August 2009

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