Weird creatures and geologic discoveries

Weather glorious, and we may have found the perfect retirement spot.

Yes we have weird creatures here, just the same as the rest of the world. That is what makes this country so fascinating and intriguing. The Chupacabra is a story that has made it to CNN and other main stream media. The Volcan area has had its strange occurrences from something that sucks blood in the night for the past five years. We send our raving reporter, David Dell, out to investigate.

While covering a story on a new hydro electric project we may have stumbled on a huge geological find. Did Panama have a huge volcanic explosion in its past? Something as big as Krakatoa? The ash layer at the nearby Paso Ancho hydro project raises some serious questions about Panama's geologic past.

While looking for property near Puerto Armuelles we found a wonderful beach development called Playa Tortuga. They offer two story town homes for $85,000, just steps away from a palm fringed beach. Check in next month for details of what we feel is Panama’s best beach buy.

Sylvia Peters

Chupacabra sightings range from Maine in the US to Chile in South America. These vampire bat-type creatures have attacked and killed thousands of sheep, goats and chickens and drained them of their blood. We talk to three people who have certainly seen the effects of the attacks, or may possibly have seen the actual creature itself. Chupacabra in Panama

Panama is blessed with a combination of steady rainfall and high mountains, this allows for the production of clean hydro electric power. The Paso Ancho project, outside Volcan doesn't have to dam a river or lake and will make very little impact on the environment. During construction of its large holding lake, ancient geological stratas were unearthed giving a unique glimpse into Panama's gelologically tumultuous past.

Panama hydro electric Paso Ancho

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