Puerto Armuelles rising!

In this edition we have three articles about the Puerto Armuelles area.

With the price of crude oil going above $140 a barrel, a lot of attention is being paid to the petro terminal facility at Puerto Armuelles. The Panamanian government has recently announced that the new billion dollar plus refinery for the Armuelles area will go ahead.

We feel that Puerto Armuelles will be seeing some major growth in the coming years. Previously, in terms of tourism and recreation, this part of Chiriqui has almost been forgotten. Just this week we discovered a beautiful fishing lodge on the Punta Burica peninsular. Hopefully we will have an article on this in the August edition of the newsletter.

The weather here in Panama has been changeable to say the least. We have had days of glorious dry weather mixed with days of torrential rain. The whole world it seems is changing.

Home sales are slowing and some people are cutting the prices considerably. If you do plan to come and buy here - be advised it is a buyers market. In Volcan we have been promised a new farmers market and a center for artesans where painters, sculptors etc. can show and sell their work. 2009 is shaping up to be a good year for this mountain community.

Sylvia Peters

Armuelles rising. This western Panamanian port city has seen its share of ups and down. With the building of a new multi-million dollar refinery the local economy is definitely headed for another boom time. This small, picturesque little town is Panama’s answer to Mexico’s Puerta Vallarta. The characters that passed through this town include Einstein, “Papillon” and various Hollywood stars.
Armuelles rising

Blair house was built by the former head of the United Fruit Company. It is possibly the most historic house in Panama. Every president has been there as well as the dictators Somoza and Noriega. As the saying goes, if walls could only talk. Well the walls can’t but the man that looked after the walls and house, can – he talks to David Dell.
Blair House Panama
Petro Terminal Panama is a facility that pumps oil along a 131 kilometer pipeline from the Pacific to the Atlantic. After the Exxon Valdez accident the facility went into decline but now is almost back to its former greatness. This terminal is another reason why we feel that the Puerto Armuelles area is heading for another boom period.
Petro Terminal Panama

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Newsletter. Watch for the next issue in AUGUST, 2008.