Panama, still the best

Welcome friends from around this great world to the June edition of the Panama Nuggets NEWSLETTER for 2007.

The rain still continues and locals tell me this has been a record for the months of April and May. We still get the odd, beautiful, sunny blue-sky mornings and we all hope this climatic anomaly will correct itself – hopefully, soon.

One thing that has disturbed more people than the weather has been the governments decision to change the immigration laws. Previously, Canadians and Americans could get a 90 day tourist visa, this has been lowered dramatically to 30 days. The reason some sources say is the government’s desire to crack down on the hordes of Venezuelans fleeing the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez. This problem has been exacerbated by the large amount of Colombian criminals that regularly fly in and out of Panama.

Unfortunately, honest retirees and people seeking a few months in the sun will be penalized. The good news is that you can apply and get a 60 day extension. Many north Americans have homes and investments here and the 30 day ruling will create great hardship – particularly as they have to return to their country of origin to renew their visa, previously, a quick trip to neighbouring Costa Rica was all that was required.

Hopefully, both the weather and the immigration laws will return to normal and Panama can get back to being the best retirement destination in the world.

David Dell

First a reunion that has been 60 years in the making. Carl Pfeifer, a canal employee helped a young lad with a facial disfigurement back to a normal life. Carl’s daughter – a childhood friend, meets up with the boy 60 years later.
Sixty year embrace
Panama’s oldest picture? We tell of a carving that was done about 550 years ago that was a representation of one of Panama’s oldest and most cataclysmic disasters.
Panamas oldest pictures?
When you come to Panama where do you go for advice? First, of course we would say log into, but secondly, attend one of the many breakfast clubs, where expats meet on a daily basis to put the world to rights and to provide help and advice for newcomers.
Volcan breakfast club

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