Unseasonable rains keeping Volcan green

Welcome friends from around this great world to the MAY edition of the Panama Nuggets NEWSLETTER for 2007.

May in Volcan has seen some unseasonable rains. Most days we still get a clear blue sky to start with but then around mid-day the sky opens up and waters the flowers and all the residents. The temperature is still averaging 62F to 70F, so it is a warm rain. Hopefully I can report next month that things are back to normal.

Many thanks to all our readers from around the world because in April we set several new records for this website. For the first time we recorded over 7,000 visitors within one month and people looked at over 15,000 pages of information and pictures. As the above paragraph clearly outlines we will continue to give you the straight goods on Panama, even when they are not that wonderful. However, our belief, after many years writing and touring the retirement locations of this world, is that Panama is still the best place – although at the moment you will need a raincoat along with your sunscreen.

David Dell
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Dr.Mario Vahos worked for over 34 years as a plastic surgeon in Baltimore. Now his creative and reconstructive skills have transformed a swampy cow paddy into a little piece of Shangri-La.

Volcan's Shangri-La hotel

The mountains of Chiriqui continue to surprise and amaze me. This past month I visited a unique mineral water spring. The water is unusually sweet and locals claim it has medicinal powers. Most amazing of all, after several days this natural nectar will turn blue. Volcan's blue-water mineral spring
For all of our readers who want even more information on Panama, I recommend this website of Panama’s leading tourist newspaper : THE VISITOR. Click on the “Special features” link button. A great newspaper and yes, I contribute regularly.

The Visitor Newspaper

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