Volcan, Panama's number One?

Welcome to the MARCH 2007 edition of Your Panama Newsletter.

Welcome friends from around the world to the MARCH edition of the Panama Nuggets NEWSLETTER for 2007.

This is the month when three new restauarants open in Volcan, and this is the year when three or maybe even four big developments will start. The latest, and possibly the largest is planned for the Cuesta de Piedra area, south of Volcan.
This is so new they haven't even got a name for it.

My prediction, here in print- Volcan will become the number one retirement spot in Panama. Why? We are the highest, we are the freshest and lastly, we are still the most affordable.
David Dell
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Legend of the mountain man.
Alois Hartmann was a legend in his own time, A Czech immigrant who was arrested as a German spy, went on to become amateur archeologist and founder of a world famous coffee company.

Legend of the mountain Man

Saving the animals
Spay Panama, is an organization that has saved thousands of cats and dogs from disease and death by starvation and neglect. Their spay and neutur clinics are held all across Panama, and in certain areas the positive effects are evident.

Saving the animals.

Volcan, sunny days and starry nights.
With the start of three large developments and the opening of at least three great restaurants, Volcan is finally becoming a contender for the title of “Best retirement place in Panama.” The wonderful weather we are experiencing is just a bonus.

Volcan, sunny days and starry nights.

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