New newspaper, new information about Panama

Many of our regular Panama Nuggets readers may have thought we had gone out of business, but no we have been busy starting a newspaper. In these days, when many hundred year old publications are closing down we must be out of our minds to start a bi-weekly publication here in Chiriqui. Well, we are three issues strong and working on number four. CHIRIQUI LIBRE, is not some radical antigovernment blurb, quite the opposite. We try to put a positive spin on things here in Panama. We believe this is the best place in the world to retire – bar none.

In this first on line offering we have four articles. Hooked and cooked on Panama.
A Pacific coast fishing lodge where you can relax by the pool and enjoy great affordable food.

The Spiderman of Volcan.
Should delight Any of us over 60 who think we are too old to do much any more. This 73-year old still climbs 60 foot high trees – for a living.

What is reflexology?
A local, professional, masseur and reflexologist answers the questions.

The Dangerous Barrrio.
That’s the real name of a barrio (area) in the old part of the city of David. The real danger here though is . . . well read the article.

Just click on this link and enjoy your first insight into Panama Chiriqui life. By the way the “Libre” part of Chiriqui Libre means that the online as well as the print edition are both FREE!.

Sylvia Peters

We hope you enjoyed this issue of CHIRIQUI LIBRE (Your Panama Newsletter) Watch for the next issue in April 2009.