Panama, beautiful sights and affordable living

The drought that was forecast has not materialized, although many are complaining about above average temperatures. House sales are slowly beginning to pick up - some realtors think this is sign the US economy is beginning to turn around.

We have 3 articles about life and people in Panama. See and read about the stunning gorge at Macho de Monte just south of Volcan. A local guide and photographer rapell down to the gorge to capture some awesome pictures.
Tui Na, Chinese massage. For those interested in alternative healing techniques the Chiriqui area is rich in many practicioners of non-traditional therapies.
Finally, local naturopath Sonia Jones ND gives us 9 good healthy reasons why you should consider living in Chiriqui.

Locally we have seen houses become even more affordable. We will soon post a listing for a 3 bedroom house close to town for just $30,000.
Dalys's Restaurant now has a video club where great DVD's can be rented 3 for $1:00. NORTHERN EXPOSURE has just become the most popular rental in town. Maybe because we in Volcan identify with Cicely, Alaska (actually Roslyn, Washington) Small town, interesting people, good community spirit but, our weather is much, much nicer and we NEVER have to shovel the white stuff.
David Dell

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Chiriqui Libre March 2010

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