Magnetic hill mystery, solved!

In this month's edition we solve the mystery of Volcan's magnetic hill. See the successful conclusion of a student protest. See the start of an English language school and finally see Panama shopping from a women's point of view.

If the weather here in Volcan stays dry for another two weeks then we have had a six month period of glorious climate.

Yes the North American market-melt-down has affected home sales here - but we always could offer affordable retirement homes and now the deals are just getting better.

Sylvia Peters

David Dell, our raving reporter has a strong desire to become Panama’s Mark Twain. We sent him out on April the first to solve the mystery of Volcan’s magnetic hill. Not quite the jumping frogs of Calaveras county but darn close.
Mystery of the magnetic hill,solved!

Many people want to know what Panama is really like. This article on a successful student protest here in Volcan, speaks volumes. As the Pope addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations a small handful of students (mainly girls) addressed the serious problems experienced in their local school.
Peaceful student protest
Learning a new language is difficult (tell me about it) Here in Volcan close to a hundred young people are going to spend 5 hours a night, 5 days a week in an effort to learn English, and to hopefully better their lives.

Panama English language school

Shopping here in Panama can be an adventure. I went with friends Lydia Dell and Jeanie Friedman to see what we could buy and more importantly what we could discover. A promise, if you do decide to retire here, it will be fun and you will share that fun with many soul sisters.
Shopping Panama, a women's vierw

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Nuggets. Watch for the next issue in JUNE, 2008.