Panama survives the financial collapse

The American elections have thankfully passed, (it was going on a bit too long.) Our US friends should learn from the Canadians – they take just five weeks, start to finish and then they are back to Stanley Cup Playoffs. I think many of us feel very proud of our American cousins, most of the world welcomes their decision to elect an African American for the first time. We all wish President Elect Barack Obama the best in the tough job he has ahead of him.

The financial meltdown has not directly affected Panama. Except that most of our retirees come from the US and Canada and they can’t move here, unless they first sell there. We are still very affordable in this country, and you can buy fixer-uppers in Volcan for under $40,000. How much does it cost to live here? For a $1,000 a month you can live well.

The dry season is just starting here in the highlands of Panama and for the next five, possibly six months the climate in the Shangri-La Valley of Chiriqui rivals the best of any place in the world –don’t take our word for it – come down and see for yourself.

Sylvia Peters

Just two newsletter items this month. Panama for the first time took part in the INERNATIONAL ARTISTS DAY. Canadian Chris MacClure started this annual celebration on each October 25th. Next year we hope to make this a national event. For the moment we can be proud that our Panamanian painters are selling their art across the globe. Panama Artists Day 2008
For visitors to Panama we always try to find you some new and unique places to eat. Stellas Marina in Pedregal, near David is one such place. Swiss owner and chef, Walter Unholz, has great food, wonderful prices and situated in an upscale marina the views of the boats and the nearby jungle make this a one-of-kind dining experience. Stellas Marina Panama

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Newsletter. Watch for the next issue in December 2008.