Circle of life

It is with great sadness that we mention the passing of one of’s family, our beloved four-legged friend and soulmate Spencer. We adopted Spencer in Canada when his first owner, singer-song writer Dino Gerussi died suddenly of a heart attack in 1998. Canadians will no doubt be familiar with the Gerussi family as Dino’s brother, Bruno, was the star of the CBC series “Beachcomber.” Dino was part of the Poppy family and performed on Terry Jacks hit song “Seasons in the sun.” Dino often said that Spencer was his best friend in the world and after his passing Spencer became ours.

If you are a dog owner and your pet is in advanced years you may wish to read the NEWSLETTER article on “Circle of life.” We have adopted an unusual way of putting our friend to rest. This is helping us immensely with our difficult time and we hope this may also help other animal lovers with their loss.

David and Lydia Dell.

Sylvia Peters

Ivan Flores started the Volcan areas first newspaper in 2001. He has documented the dark and trying times that Panama has undergone in the past years. Today he struggles with kidney failure and has to undergo dialysis three times a week. Despite all this he still intends to restart his newspaper in the New Year. David Dell acknowledges that the majority of his articles and stories would not have been possible without the help of this remarkable man.
Panama's mister history
Las Nubes is a resort development high in the Shangri-La valley of Chiriqui. David and Lydia Dell spent one magical but rainy night there recently and this is the story. Chiriqui is fast becoming the number one choice for North American retirees, this story shows why you should check out the highlands before buying.
Chiriqui mountain high
The day David and Lydia laid their friend Spencer to rest they needed a change of location. They chose the resort of Las Olas near David. On an afternoon beach walk as they were consoling each other they were witness to a wonderful natural phenomema – an Olive Ridley turtle came ashore and laid over 100 eggs. The circle of life in the tropics has a strange mix, heart breaking loss one minute and amazing birth another.
Circle of life

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Newsletter. Watch for the next issue in October, 2008.