VOLCAn, the best climate in the world.

We realise that saying we have the best climate in the world, will bring comments from other destinations, but that is the truth. Global warming must bring some good to someone and we believe we are that someone. Previously we had to admit that we had far too much rain in the mountains, but this year has been different. September is supposed to be our monsoon season. This year it has been wonderfully dry and sunny. If you are looking for a Shangri-La to retire to - we have it here in the mountains of Chiriqui Panama.

We have 5 articles about life and people in Panama. First we look at a new company offering alternate energy solutions.
Next is a profile of local artist Brenda Paulson.
Third is a look at a great orchid garden called Finca Dracula. One friend described this as the best garden he had seen in the world.
Fourth, a great story about a small village that came together to fix the road that served their community.
Finally with all the hype and scare about swine flu, you may be surprised to hear that an age old, natural remedy might be the solution. This solution actually beat the black plague.

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Chiriqui Libre SEPTEMBER 2009

We hope you enjoyed this issue of CHIRIQUI LIBRE (Your Panama Newsletter) Watch for the next issue in OCTOBER 2009.