Volcan is Panama's best

Welcome to the February 2007 edition of Your Panama Newsletter.

Welcome friends old and new to the second edition of the Panama Nuggets NEWSLETTER for 2007.

The weather here continues to be absolutely wonderful. The strong winds have died down and the days are truly idyllic. We have the possibility, during March, of three new restaurants opening up in Volcan.

A few days ago I visited the site of another great development here called the Bambito Resort. I hope to have more details later, but let me say the view from the alpine meadow near Volcan is something to take your breath away. It's like Switzerland without the snow-and If Julie Andrews had come down the path, singing, Sound of Music, that would have completed the picture.

I will admit to being biased, but I think that Volcan is the best retirement location in Panama-period.

Shipping household goods to Panama need not be an exercise in frustration - if, you choose a competent company here in Panama. Caridad Charete, is an expert on the process and she gives us some great tips and what is needed. Shipping to Panama
Getting a Panama driver's licence is not as difficult as you might imagine - you don't have to take a test, or answer skill testing questions. However, you will need to fill out some forms, and oh yes - they will want your blood.
Panama drivers licence
Boquete, has been described as the flower capital of Panama - with good reason. The January flower show boasts over 30,000 blooms. But don't worry if you miss this floral extravaganza, because Boquete is beautiful any time of the year.
Flower festival in Boquete

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