Part time in Panama

Welcome to the December 2006 edition of Your Panama Newsletter.

In this month’s newsletter we have just three articles, ( I was waiting for some figures from my lawyer but they haven’t made the deadline).

First is about the many petroglyphs that dot the country here. Chiriqui abounds with ancient rock carvings and ancient burial sites. There is even talk here of a lost gold mine. Any budding archeologists that want to come here, just drop me a line. These mysteries still haven’t been solved. If you are looking for a thesis for your PhD. This is the place to come.

Second story is on the great and diverse musical entertainment we have in Panama including that most Mexican of bands: the Mariachi. Chiriqui has ten Mariachi’s and they dress and sound just as good as their Mexican counterparts.

The third story is about a Robin Hood type fairy tale castle that sits pretty much in the middle of nowhere on the main Pan American highway. I love people who follow their dream regardless of what people might say. This gentleman is an inspiration to us all.

Weird, wacky and wonderful-this is Panama.

Petroglyphs are mysterious rock carvings that nobody has really deciphered.We go to a large one near Volcan that may be an earlt version of an idol. Petroglyph mysteries of Panama

Mariachis are no longer just the music of Mexico, Panama has many and there are ten in the Chiriqui area. We tell of one magaical mountain night when Mexico came to the mountains. Mariachis in Panama
The story of Robin Hood and his merry men was the inspiration for this wacky, castle built in the middle of Panama. A story of how one man fulfilled a lifetime fantasy amidst the pines of Panama. King of Cobra Castle

Thanks agin for all the emails-keep those cards and letters coming folks! David Dell

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Nuggets. Watch for the next issue on Saturday, January 7th, at 4 a.m. EST.