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Welcome to the November 2006 edition of Your Panama Newsletter.

In this month’s newsletter we have again have four stories, the first is about the last Benedictine Monk in Volcan. Elred Wetli served in World War 2 on the Pacific Islands of Palau and Saipan. In 1961 he came to Volcan as a Benedictine Monk and started a school

Most visitors just fly in and then fly out of Panama City-we give you three good reasons why you should spend a night or two enjoying our restaurants.

Panama's leading insurance broker tells us why you should buy health insurance in Panama.

Sydney Tremayne wrote an article over a year ago about El Valle de Anton. We had so many "hits" on this story that David Dell went back for a visit.

Benedictine Monk, Elred Wetli started out life in College, then in World War 2 he served on the Pacific Islands of Palau, Saipan and finally Japan. In 1961 he came to the small Panamanian town of Volcan to start a school, and hasn't left since.
The last Benedictine Monk

Night time in Panama City is something else. We check out three restuarants-The Wine Bar, The Istmo Brew Pub and finally wind up in the Marsala Indian Restuarant.Next time you pass through Panama City,why not stop for a while?

Night time in Panama City

Panama is a great place to get sick - but only if you have proper health insurance. Kevin Bradley, Panama's leading insurance broker tells us why you should buy health insurance. he also tells about the horror stories of people who didn't.
Why buy health insurance in Panama?

El Valle de Anton
It seems to be one of the hottest retirement destinations in Panama, but why? Maybe it's because it's just two hours from Panama City, or because it's the lowest and warmest of the highland destinations. Read why El Valle de Anton is so popular.
El Valle de Anton revisited

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We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Nuggets. Watch for the next issue on Saturday, December 2nd, at 10 a.m. EST.