YourPanama grows:
A new face,
a new pen

A new face and a new pen will be appearing in these pages soon. David Dunn, former Guatemala manager for International Living, likes what YourPanama is trying to do and has agreed to join us.

David is also a filmmaker, which fits well with my plans for this site. When he can unearth his equipment from the dust and debris of his under-renovation house (until a few days ago, most of the roof was in the process of being replaced), he will be working to put together a CD about Panama and about moving here. The movie – and maybe others – will eventually be available for sale on the YourPanama website.

On top of all that, he's a neighbor

David and his wife moved to Panama just three months ago, but it is not their first visit here. David has traveled extensively throughout Central America (and many other parts of the world). And after all that experience? He has chosen to live in my neck of the woods: Volcan. Soon, I will get him to tell you why he chose Volcan.

His house is just two miles from mine, at the very beginning of the village of Volcan.

His arrival is an amazing and fortunate coincidence for me and for YourPanama, especially at this time, because I have to return on business to Canada for several months. I have not yet booked the flight (NO! I am NOT driving!), but I expect to depart from here in mid-September.

Straight from spring to winter

I'm certainly not looking forward to the winter chill, especially with a body used to spring-like temperatures all year 'round. But I have no choice in the matter. Back to snow boots and heavy coats. Ugh! But it will certainly be nice to see some old faces.

Meanwhile, I know, Nuggets and you will be in good hands. While there will be little of use that I can write from Canada, I expect I will still have a hand in at least organizing some content. I expect I will edit and lay out content at least for a while, in part because I hope David will also give a lot of attention to increasing the number of trusted professionals with whom we want to work.

"See" you again September 3.

Best wishes, Sydney

Teleseminar update

The next teleseminars are on Tuesday August 10, Wednesday August 25 and Monday September 12. Check out the website for details.

New this month

Live in Panama A light month for me, at least as far as the website is concerned, thanks to two visitors-turned-authors. :) Jeannette Ryder answers the question: "What made you decide to live in Panama?" She and her husband made a quick exploratory trip. On the flight back to the U.S., they "laughed at how quickly we had become hooked on this little country."

Retire in Panama Our second visitor-writer was here for just the July 4 weekend. Suzanne Brown and her husband found a property in the Boquete area of Chiriqui province with which they fell in love at first sight. Perhaps they now wish they had not seen it. Their story illustrates the importance of using careful professionals and asking the right questions.

Living costs I was criticized of one of the newsgroups recently for saying that I thought an ex-pat needed $2,000 a month to live here with some measure of comfort. Some people must live here for less. Everyone is different, and has different tastes and needs. I have detailed in this article some of my spendthrift ways. As you will see, it would be difficult for me to afford a replacement vehicle.

I hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Nuggets. Watch for the next issue on Saturday, September 3, at 10 a.m. EDT.

Stories we hope to bring you include one on why you might want to hold real estate in a corporation instead of in your name. There will be another on health insurance. Both are being contributed by expert team members.