Magnificent views and moderate temperatures close to city

Altos Del Maria
For those who like the idea of spring-like temperatures year round, but would also like to be reasonably close to a world-class city with all that city life has to offer, a gated community less than 90 minutes from Panama City might appeal.

This month, David Dell visits Altos Del Maria on the extreme western edge of Panama Province. On a clear day, there are magnificent views of the Gorgona Peninsular and the Pacific Ocean, but without the heat and humidity of Oceanside living.

He is angry that the pictures he had taken were stolen, along with his laptop. He’ll try to add pictures to the page as soon as possible.

Las Olas Resort
Las Olas Resort : The moon glitters like diamonds from the crashing waves in this corner of heaven where a three-bedroom condo on the beach can be had for $159,000. Buying a ready-made package is a lot easier in this country than having to start from scratch.

Indian dressmakers
Clothes hanging on the wall in upscale North American homes? The height of untidiness? No, it’s the latest fashion, though it may be puzzling to Panama’s Indian dressmakers . Their handmade dresses, interior designers have discovered, provide unusual and colorful wall decorations sure to wow guests.

Bargain shopping
Shopping in Panama on the world’s longest pedestrian-only street offers bargains galore for those who enjoy shopping until they drop. Prices can be 20% to 30% below the already-low prices in other Panamanian stores.

It's goodbye

Twenty months ago, made its first tentative appearance on the Internet. Almost since the beginning, it has been well within the top 1% of all websites. More than 28,000 unique visitors a year now visit, a number that is growing each month.

This newsletter, started 15 months ago, has almost 400 subscribers, a number that increases by more than 20 every month. The percentage of subscribers who actually open the newsletter is also on the increase since the format changed, though there are some who preferred the old format.

The purpose

As readers of the articles on the site know, I made just about every mistake it was possible to make when I came to Panama, driving alone from Nova Scotia, Canada, almost three years ago. The purpose behind was to spare as many people as possible at least some of the mistakes I made.

The growing readership suggests I and those great people who have helped have been able to achieve at least some portion of that goal. I believe there is a need for sites such as this, and I hope I have fulfilled my commitment to you.

Last September, I had to return to Canada for several months. I was fortunate in that, just a few months before I left, David Dell came to live in Volcan, just down the road from where I live. He had a background in the sort of work was established to achieve, and he agreed to write stories and to look after the real estate portion of the site.

Tremayne in a panic!

It was not easy for him. He was reconstructing (that's far more than refurbishing) a house and developing land for real estate at the same time. Sometimes, I would have to remind him in a panic that the next deadline was upon us. But somehow, with me acting as editor and producing the newsletter from Canada, we muddled through most months. (Months we missed were my fault.)

Now, David's projects are completed, but I am about to go into a new phase with a project I have been working on for a year. One of my specialties is investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds and, in December, while I was still in Canada, I completed my latest book, Lunch with Gaffer: How to Make Money Safely and Certainly with Stocks and Bonds.

Website easy

The months since then have been spent in putting together a website (that was the easy part), and then installing a complicated client management system to ensure superb customer service. You can experience the result at

A multi-part course has also been written as a companion to the book, along with marketing letters, articles that will shortly be released to the media, and a comprehensive media package.

I used to tell people before I began, that writing the book would be the easy part, that the hard part would be the marketing. I was not wrong. I don't even know if I got that part right. The next several months will tell.

Some of it right?

But I have to believe that I have at least some of it right. If I have, that means lots of media interviews and, if my plans work out, a speaking tour of the U.S. that will last for two years. (Then, I will see if there are any roses left to smell.)

I believe the book is an important one for novice and intermediate investors. I have no doubts on that score. As for the marketing, I have done the best I can with limited resources and starting with limited knowledge. Frankly, in terms of sales, it doesn't matter how good the book is. Sadly, it's marketing that sells books or any other product, not quality. And if my marketing efforts fail, the book will not help as many people as it should to have a dramatic impact on the quality of their lives.

Dividing concentration difficult

I believe that it is very difficult to do two things well at the same time. I think that followers of and potential readers of Lunch with Gaffer deserve the best that can be made available to them.

The result is that I have come to a very difficult decision. has been sold to David Dell for a nominal $1, with certain conditions attached. I have agreed to write articles when I can, but that may not be frequently, given that I expect to spend a lot of time away from Panama.

Commitment to you

David has agreed to write at least four articles a month of sufficient quality that unique visitors to the site remain above 2,000 a month. My wish is that you be well looked after. If the numbers prove this is not happening, I will take the site back again for the same $1.

I believe that David will carry on and build on what has been started. You can make his task much easier and help to shape the future of by telling him what information you would like to have and by suggesting ways in which the site can be improved.

This is, after all, your website, designed to provide you with what you need. I hope you will pitch in and help.

Thank you

Thank you for all your support during my tenure at the helm. I have met many fine people through, and I appreciate each one of you.

May your dreams come true,


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