Relocation Part One:
Fill a container or sell everything?

In this month's issue:

1/. Relocation: Part One, fill a container or sell everything?
2/. Straw house no fox will blow down.
3/. Panama potluck.
4/. Panama's, David City now has first world shopping.

Welcome to the July 2006 issue of Your Panama Nuggets. As most of our readers are aware Sydney Tremayne, the founder of, is working hard on his second best-selling book. This latest work is called Lunch with Gaffer and is an everyman's guide to investing and acquiring wealth.

So now he has handed over control of things to me, David Dell, his slightly younger protégé. I have already made a few changes to - the most significant being that we are getting out of the real-estate business. Don't worry, we will still have real estate listings - in fact we are expanding that section of the website considerably. The difference now is that we will no longer be involved as a "middlemen."

Realtors will pay us a small, fixed advertising fee and all correspondence will be handled directly by them. We will not receive any commissions, or finder's fees. Within a few months I feel sure we will have Panama's most comprehensive real estate listings.

The first article is part one, of a series of seven, on relocation. My wife and I have relocated three times - first from Europe to Canada, then to Nicaragua and one year ago we made our final move to Panama.

We made many mistakes and learned some hard lessons.

If you are planning to move to Panama - you should read this series. It could save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartaches.
Part one: fill a container or sell everything?

The second article could save you money on your new home in Panama. Straw houses? Doesn't really sound like a practical idea - but wait until you see this straw house. The three little pigs would move in, in a heartbeat, and that nasty fox? Well, before he did any damage to this house he would most probably blow a lung.

Straw house no fox will blow down

The third article is for the potential retirees who fear they will be alone and bored in Panama. Volcan's, Highlander's Society is one of many such groups that regularly gather Panama's ex-pats together for some good food and friendly companionship.

Panama potluck

Finally, a subject dear to many people: shopping. The Panamanian city of David services the communities of Boquete and Volcan. Now it can justifiably boast it has first world shopping. With the opening of the Arocha center, shoppers have a first class, air-conditioned supermarket and the men finally have a shop for themselves: the Do-It Center. But wait there's more - TGI-Friday's is set to open shortly.
Panama’s David now has first world shopping

Finally, I would love to hear from you. If there is something or some place in Panama you would like us to explore, please contact us. My wife Lydia and I plan to travel this great country in search of stories and new retirement locations. Keep reading "Your Panama Nuggets." You wouldn't want to miss anything, would you?

David Dell
Editor in training

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Nuggets. Watch for the next issue on Saturday, August 5th, at 10 a.m. EST.