Borojo,cancer treatment?

Welcome to the August 2006 edition of Your Panama Newsletter.

In this month's newsletter we have a possible treatment or maybe even a cure for cancer.(how's that for starters?)

Next we have an article on the Buddhist realtor in Volcan. How her faith may have saved her life after a deadly snake bite.

Boquete is Panama's leading retirement destination. With the steep rise in prices some are asking is the Boquete bubble going to burst?

Relocation pillar number two, rent or buy first? Why renting is the smart option.

Borojo, to most of us is an unfamiliar tropical fruit. Panamanian Roger Acosta used it instead of conventional therapy to treat his liver cancer. His story may hold out hope for millions. Borojo, cancer treatment?
Buddhism is a religion that teaches tolerance. When Volcan realtor, Laura Pedreschi was bitten by a deadly eyelash viper, her life hung in the balance but she didn't wish the reptile any harm. Buddhist realtor.
Boquete is Panama's premier retirement destination. Prices in this small Chiriqui town have skyrocketed. Some ask will over-development cause the Boquete bubble to burst? Boquete bubble
Relocation, pillar number two. The second of a seven part series to help retirees to avoid the stress and hassles of moving to Panama. The question posed: rent or buy first?

Relocation,pillar number two

Hello from Panama and welcome to all our friends from around the world. We are asking for someone from Australia and Germany to contact us and to help in a worldwide cost of living survey. We already have people from Canada, United Kingdom and the United States. In simple terms we will ask you for the prices on ten basic food items as well as the cost for electricity, automobile gasoline etc. We will publish the results in our September NEWSLETTER.

David Dell
Still editor in training.

We hope you enjoyed this issue of Your Panama Nuggets. Watch for the next issue on Saturday, September 2nd, at 10 a.m. EST.