VOLCAN, STILL the best climate in the world

Well we were waiting for the awful September and October rains, we had a little but nothing like the normal. Mid November the dry season started. If this continues(if) then we can expect ten or more months of glorious weather each year. Usually we are happy to get 5 months and then the dreaded miserable rains kick in. If you are looking for somewhere to live that gives you eternal spring (62F at night 78F daytime high) then look no further. We have houses with land and views starting as low as $59,000. (Check out our For Sale by Owner listings.

We have 4 articles about life and people in Panama. Are you interested in lost treasure? Or ancient artifacts and gold, yes we have an article about the Tombs of Bugaba. Next if you pass through Panama City there is a great B&B that will keep you close to shopping but far away from the noise of the city. Next the story of a great artist - except this man creates with a backhoe. Finally a health item about the need to have colorings in our diet. To read about these articles just click on the link below.

Chiriqui Libre NOVEMBER 2009

We hope you enjoyed this issue of CHIRIQUI LIBRE (Your Panama NUGGETS Newsletter) Watch for the next issue in DECEMBER 2009.