CATTAN Hospital David Panama

A World of Health Solutions in our Hands.


A major part of any medical facility should be the providing of advice on maintaining and staying  healthy. Lets face it, you would rather have the brakes on your vehicle repaired before you are involved in a major accident.

We at CATTAN firmly believe in preventative maintenance of the human body. We would much rather help you stay healthy than to treat you when you are ill.

You are welcome to a free tour of our hospital to see all the modern and innovative ways that today's technology can help you.

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Just like a vehicle needs regular maintenance, so does the human body. Find out if you have a problem BEFORE it gets serious.

The doctors and staff at CATTAN Hospital promise to treat every patient with the respect and dignity they deserve. Illness can be a great leveler in our society and we realize that every person that comes through our doors needs to be treated as if they were our only patient.

Panama prides itself that it has one of the best levels of medical care available in Latin America.

As our logo states: "A world of health solutions in our hands." Our dedicated staff will search the world of health solutions to find the right treatment for whatever medical condition you have.