Chiriquí Libre celebrating ten years of History and Mystery with


Iván Flores

2015 marks a milestone in the history of with 10 years of existence, and some 6 years in association with CHIRIQUI LIBRE  reporting events,  and the  history of Volcán, Chiriquí and Panamá to the cyber world.

 Along with David Dell, a native of Wales, a travel writer, we spent a few years jumping from hill to hill, crossing streams, interviewing many people, trying to preserve the history of the area.


Following The trail of the bees, the making of Totumas, following the trail of Wild Bill, various stories about the customs of the people to the hunt of Volcan’s last Tiger have made the recent years something very difficult to forget, very memorable.  In this unforgettable date    "salud” my dear friend David.

Ivan Flores


My, How You Have Grown!

Sydney Tremayne.

So you're 10 this year; made it to double digits. I remember when you were born as a means of helping others to avoid all the silly mistakes I made coming here, including driving solo from eastern Canada.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since David Dell took you under his wing. People now view more than 30,000 of your pages every month and many families have bought homes you now advertise. You're earning your keep, young fella!

Some of your early readers stayed in my home in Volcan while they explored the possibility of moving to Panama. I made several friends in those days. But other interests led me to ask David to care for you, and congratulations go to him for seeing you this far in a time when so much written communication is reduced to 140 characters or less.

A lot changed for me, too. I had an investment background before you were born, and since those early days I have written several books, one of them an Amazon bestseller soon to be released again on Kindle. If your readers are at all interested in discovering how to make solid income from stocks by investing conservatively and with a high degree of safety, just ask them to click here and I will send them two books that are quite different from the usual dull and jargon-filled fare.

You have a younger brother now, too. He had his fifth birthday a couple of months ago and I'm sure he'd be delighted to see you. You can visit him at

Keep up the good work, son. I want to see what happens in the next 10 years. Make an old man proud!

Yes this was a real tiger. It  had just killed a 200 pound cow.

Read the story here by clicking on the link:

The man with the rimless glasses is Belgian con man Gaston Van Steck. He has a pistol hidden in his clothes and within minutes of this photo being taken, he will kill himself. This ends a story that made headlines all around the world.

Read the story here by clicking on the link:


 El 2015 marca un hito en la historia de yourpanamá.com  con 10 años de existencia, y unos 6 años  en asociación con CHIRIQUÍ LIBRE  informando al mundo cibernético sobre los sucesos,  acontecimientos e historia de Volcán, Chiriquí  y Panamá.

 Junto a David Dell, escritor de viajes oriundo de Wales, Inglaterra, pasamos unos años saltando de cerro en cerro, cruzando quebradas, entrevistando  mucha gente, tratando de preservar la historia del área.

 Tras la pista de las abejas, la confección de Totumas, siguiendo el rastro de Wild Bill EL VIKINGO LOCO, las diversas historias sobre las costumbres de los pueblos hasta la caza del  último TIGRE de Volcán han hecho de estos últimos años algo memorable muy difícil de olvidar.

 En esta memorable fecha “salud” David  querido amigo.


Yes, 2015 will mark the tenth anniversary of

We have covered just about every subject you can imagine relating to living and retiring in Panama.

We are averaging about 1,000 articles read per day and we personally assist over 800 people a year with e-mail enquiries relating to retiring in Panama.

Together with our colleague IVAN FLORES of Chiriquí Libre we have strived to investigate, document and preserve the many fascinating stories found here in the highlands of Panama.

Everything from possible cancer cures, to strange lights in the sky, serial killers and yes the last documented "Tiger" to be seen here in the mountains.

The highlands of Chiriquí, Panama - a fascinating country that we promise you will never find  boring.

David Dell

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Mark Twain's Favourite Fruit.

To be honest when you see a Chirimoya on a fruit stand it does not look all that special. A friend recently gave us two of the odd looking green things, he cautioned us  to wait a few days until they felt slightly soft-to-the-touch.

 Today my wife dutifully cut them in half.  After a few minutes of spooning, mixed with the odd, under the breath grudge words about how tough it was to get the **** fruit out, the white creamy contents were popped into a blender.  It looks like slightly melted ice cream - but the taste . . . well Mark Twain had it right on the money. I thought it had a slight orange and peach flavour. My wife agreed with the gentle peach flavour. The texture was a little bit stringy, but after cleaning my bowl I definitely agreed that this was something I would love to have again, and again, and again.

That's one of the great things about living here in Panama; there are so many different fruits to try out. The only problem is that many of them look - well to be honest, just plain ugly. But surely that is why many people have moved to Panama; to experience different foods.

Here in Volcan I have tried to draw up a list of people I have met who are over 100 years old. One of the questions I ask each of them is "What food do you eat"?  So far there doesn't appear to be a magic bullet or special diet. There are claims that many of the fruits such as BOROJO, NONI or GUANABANA are effective against cancer. So far I have not heard anything special about Chirimoya - except of course that it is "The most delicious fruit known to men"- that last statement courtesy of Mark Twain himself.