Chiriqui Libre
March 15 2009.

Hooked and Cooked, you will love this resort.
By David Dell.

If you are a visitor to Chiriqui then be sure to go the extra miles beyond the Western port City of Puerto Armuelles to an idyllic little resort called “Hooked on Panama.” Imagine a deep blue sky framing a beach with palm trees swaying over an azure sea. It looks like a beautiful Caribbean beach – but wait a minute- this is the Pacific. 13 miles south of Puerto Armuelles it features 14 Hawaiian style bungalows. A large restaurant, bar, swimming pool, horse riding, kayaking, surf boarding and hiking. 46, year old Dan Peavey and his wife Gay, partner this project with his brother Mike and boat builder’s, Rex and Connie Hudson.

Cooked on Panama.
The resort has been open for about two years and its reputation has been increasing steadily. People tell me they love the food. Staying at Hooked on Panama is $100 a night for visitors and $70 for residents. The best part is that for just $25 a day they will provide you with three meals. Friends from Volcan who stayed there were positively drooling over the Sushi and Ceviche. Obviously, being a fishing lodge they will have fresh fish on the menu, but chef Margot Arauz can perform gourmet magic with something so humble as a hamburger.

As the name implies, the resort is mainly for the fishing enthusiasts. They have three boats that can take you to some of the best fishing spots in the world. The newest addition to the fleet is the “La Chiricana.” A 35 foot, full towered, twin Nanni dieseled, “Deep Sport” fishing boat. Built by Rex and Connie Hudson at their factory in nearby Puerto Armuelles. The La Chiricana can whisk you within an hour to Chiriqui’s premier fishing locations of either the Paredes or Ladrones islands. The bay of Chiriqui is a place for the true sport fishing enthusiast. Yellow fin tuna, dorado, wahoo, amber jack are a commonplace catch. But the waters here offer the angler even more exotic excitement. The most ardent of deep-sea anglers start to salivate when there is mention of the prize of the oceans – blue and black marlin.

To reach “Hooked on Panama” drive through Puerto Armuelles to Petro Terminal Panama, don’t worry you haven’t taken a wrong turn, the guard at the PTP gate will give you a placard with a number. You then drive through the terminal and exit on the southern side. 10.5 kilometers later is the resort. If you can arrange a stay during a full moon in the dry season, you will be in for a treat. Magically, you will be transported across the ocean to the mythical Hawaiian Island of Bali Hai. If you sit and gaze at the stars and let your cares and worries wash away with the surf, you will discover something – a sense of true serenity that is priceless.

For reservations call: 011-507-6465-4124


Most of us, I am sure have wonderful childhood memories of climbing high in the branches of tall trees. The views were breathtaking and if we managed to reach the ground without falling and breaking a limb – we considered the risk worthwhile. This fascination with the adventurous and downright dangerous fades as we become older and wiser. For one remarkable Panamanian a childhood fascination has become his way of life. Editor Ivan Flores asked me to come to San Benito in Volcan last Thursday, to witness Volcan’s very own Spiderman in action. As I entered the grounds I spotted a small shape, 60 feet or more above ground in the upper branches of a Cypress tree. The tiny figure was lopping off storm damaged branches with a machete. “Holy cow” was my first reaction as the man in the trees seemed to be in an unusually dangerous position.

A small crew of helpers was on the ground clearing away the fallen branches. Even they were gazing skyward in disbelief as Spiderman swung, apelike from one tiny branch to another. I asked Ivan Flores what sort of safety equipment he was using. Ivan smiled and said,’ none at all. Then Spiderman came down the tree and before I could get more then a few shots of his fast descending body – he was on the ground. Finally I met the Tarzan of the Tierra’s Altas, Anastacios Rojas Cedeno. My first impression was that I thought he was old, very old. It turns out this 5 foot tall, 118 pound man is 73 years of age.

He climbs the trees carrying just a machete. No belts, no safety harness and he wasn’t even wearing shoes. I doubt if there was pound of fat on his entire body. Spiderman is a lean, mean, tree climbing machine. I asked if he had ever fallen – a stupid question really because falling from sixty or eighty feet would only happen once. He looked incredibly fit for his age so I asked, now and then did he enjoy a little drink. “No”, he assured me he didn’t have little drinks at all – just great big long ones.

Spiderman Anastacios Rojas Cedeno did confess to one lifelong fear and that was having no money in his pocket. He works for – or should I perhaps say, performs for, about $70 a day. My final question was to ask when he planned to retire? He shook his head and replied. “Only God knows.” God willing, we can write about his exploits in another ten years or so.


Recently a concert was held to support the restoration of the Museum and Cathedral in the dangerous barrio.(Bario Peligro) Perhaps the greatest danger is that these wonderful historic buildings will be allowed to decay and fall down. David has very few old buildings and is in danger of becoming just another modern city where the inhabitants have forgotten its past.

As Panama’s third largest city many applaud the wonderful new square with its fountains and gardens. Are we rushing to modernize our city without trying to preserve our cultural past. The Obaldia museum is reported to be the oldest building in David and it would be a great tragedy if we were no longer able to show our children an example of David’s culturally rich past.

Our railway has gone and exists only in a few faded photographs. In years to come will the only memory of these great buildings remain in faded copies of this and other newspapers. If you care about the past of your city I ask you to drive down to the Obaldia museum and then walk along the path to the tower of the old Cathedral. Try to imagine yourself back in the days when there was no Internet, no electricity. When the streets were quiet and peaceful except for the sound of horses and carriages. In the days when people would formally greet one another as they passed by on the street.

Walk into the Cultural annex next door to the museum and gaze up at the photographs of people long dead. People who struggled to build this city. Will we forget their contribution to our heritage? Or simply let their memories and the places they constructed simply collapse into dust – hopefully not. In a few short years it will be too late to stop and say “Lets preserve our heritage.” Because, by then it may well be too late.

El verdadero peligro en el peligroso barrio.

Recientemente se celebró un concierto de apoyo a la restauración de la Catedral y el Museo de el peligroso barrio. Quizás el mayor peligro es que estos maravillosos edificios históricos se permitirá a la decadencia y la caída hacia abajo. David tiene muy pocos edificios antiguos y se encuentra en peligro de convertirse en sólo una ciudad moderna, donde los habitantes han olvidado el pasado.

Panamá como la tercera ciudad más grande muchos aplaudimos la maravillosa nueva plaza con sus fuentes y jardines. Åre que apresurarse a la modernización de nuestra ciudad sin tratar de preservar nuestro pasado cultural. El museo Obaldía se ha informado de que el edificio más antiguo de David y sería una gran tragedia si ya no eran capaces de mostrar a nuestros hijos un ejemplo de David del rico pasado cultural.

Nuestra red ferroviaria ha pasado y sólo existe en algunas fotografías se perdió. En los próximos años será el único recuerdo de esos grandes edificios se perdió permanecer en copias de éste y otros periódicos. Si la atención sobre el pasado de su ciudad le pido que baje al museo Obaldía y luego caminar por la ruta de acceso a la torre de la antigua Catedral. Trate de imaginarse en los días cuando no había Internet, ni electricidad. Cuando las calles estaban tranquila y pacífica, salvo por el sonido de caballos y carruajes. En los días cuando las personas se saludan formalmente entre sí, ya que pasó por en la calle.

Caminar en el anexo de la Cultura al lado del museo y la mirada en las fotografías de las personas a largo muerto. La gente que luchó para construir esta ciudad. Vamos a olvidar su contribución a nuestro patrimonio? O simplemente dejar sus recuerdos y los lugares que construyen simplemente colapso en polvo - esperemos que no. En unos pocos años será demasiado tarde para parar y decir: "Vamos a preservar nuestro patrimonio." Porque, para entonces puede ser demasiado tarde.


Reflexology is a holistic approach to healing the body. Holistic meaning whole in that by treating the feet you are treating the whole body. Therefore when a reflexologist performs a treatment on the feet they are bringing balance and harmony to the whole body. Reflexology is pressure used on specific reflex points of the feet, hands and ears. These reflex areas correspond to one's entire body and parts of the body. These would include all the organs, glands, eyes, ears and spinal column. As the feet cover a larger area it is easier to work with them.

Jeanie Freidman

As pressure is applied to a specific reflex point it causes an awakening or physiological change to take place which allows the body to start a healing process. In today’s stress filled world that art of reflexology strives to de-stress first. When the body is relaxed, healing is able to take place. When you get a reflexology treatment the aim is to find where the imbalances are and give treatment accordingly. If one has an existing problem, treatment can be given to return the body to normal. Reflexology also helps one to maintain existing good health overall and to prevent ill health from manifesting. Minor health problems are able to be detected early and resolved before becoming something more serious.

Reflexology and Pain:
Since chemical changes take place within the body during a treatment the body produces endorphins which are the body's own natural pain killer.

Reflexology and Crystal Deposits:
If you have ever experienced a reflexology treatment you have probably felt what appears to be grit, sand or a bump under the therapists thumb. They may or may not be painful and are felt in the nerve endings. These are referred to as calcium deposits. What causes these? Excess acidity in the blood stream. These deposits develop into acid crystals which then hamper blood circulation. The reason one finds them in the feet is due to the amount of nerve endings present there. Wearing shoes restricts the natural movement of the foot and this hampers nerve and blood supply. Try going barefoot from time to time.

People of all ages and sex can benefit from reflexology-including terminally ill. It does not cure the disease but will assist the patient in pain control which can lead to more comfort. Even the elderly with no specific problems will benefit from regular treatments to help keep the body in balance.

or more info contact Jeanie at 6446-8962