Pacific Beach Front Home
in Puerto Armuelles.

This recently renovated, 3 bedroom, 2 bath patio beach home, has approx. 2200 sq.ft. of under roof construction and sits on a 1,000 square meter lot.

The home is offered for sale at: $375,000 USD.

This south (beachfront) secured patio takes full advantage of the ocean breezes that blow onshore in the day and offshore at night.

People who have lived in the tropics know that the patio is where you spend most of your time. This is where you eat breakfast, lunch and even dinner. This is where you sip your cocktails in the evening and watch the surf break just at the edge of your garden.

Why the bars you might ask? ALL Latin American countries have a problem with petty theft. Bars are almost a tradition - they keep your posessions safe and your neighbours honest.

as you enter the home there is a living room to your right and the kitchen is directly infront of you. Please discuss with the owners which appliances come with the house.

To your right is the door to the second bedroom and ensuite bathroom.

The hallway to the right of the kitchen leads you to the third bedroom with French patio doors leading out onto the covered patio.

to your right is the large master bedroom, also with French doors leading out onto the secured patio. Just imagine waking up in the cool fresh air of a tropical morning and be able to see the waves break on the sandy shore - all this while your head still rests on your pillows.

The master bedroom comes with an ensuite bathroom that features a large step in shower/tub and marble topped vanity.

This is the view from your lawn down to the beach. The city of Puerto Armuelles is across the bay and nighttime the lights of the city will give a warming glow.

This is the view looking back toward the house from the garden. The structure to the left is called a "Bohio." This is where most people entertain and have barbecues etc. An added bonus is that here is a perfect place to sit on a warm tropical night and watch the stars. If you are new to the tropics this will amaze you - with little or no light pollution you will see the stars as you have never seen them before.

This is the east side patio- this patio wraps around two sides of the house. On this side you will get the cool early morning offshore breezes -a great place to have breakfast and that all important cup of coffee.

This home is offered for sale at: $375,000 USD.

For further details please contact the owners at:

Puerto Armuelles has a population of approximately 25,000 and is the second largest city in Chiriqui after David City.

Temperatures range from a daytime high of 92F to an overnight low of 72F.

It was home to the United Fruit Company's Chiquita Banana division until 2008.

The Fruit Company's headquarters were in the historic Blair house and the guests over the years included every then president of Panama and Central America as well as Hollywood stars John Wayne, William Holden and Pat O'Reilly.

The town has several supermarkets; ROMERO is open 24 hours a day. There is one credit Union and One bank (Bank of Panama) and Banistmo has an ATM in the central part of town.

The hospital has a 24 hour emergency department.

There is a thriving ESR (English Speaking Resident) community and they operate a neighbourhood watch system called Vecinos Vigilantes.

Your neighbours: There are many Canadians and Americans living in your area -and many more are coming all the time. The ESR's (English Speaking Residents) are known to be "party people."  Almost every weekend someone is throwing a party and firing up their barbecue.

There is a new Hotel called "Heavenly's" and is run by an American.  It features a swimming pool, bar and a great restaurant.

30 minutes drive south of Puerto is the fishing resort "Hooked on Panama" Here you can hire a professional crew and boat and go big game fishing.

There are government plans to build a deepwater port for cruise ships and as part of the "Dry Canal" between Puerto and Chiriqui Grande. Part of this project is the new 4 lane highway  between Puerto and Paso Canoas which is nearing completion.

With the new deep water port and the 4 lane highway Puerto Armuelles is set to grow - some say explode - in the next five years. The price of ocean front property can only increase.

There is a map of Puerto at the bottom of this page.

This home is in the highlighted CORAZON De JESUS area.