Puerto Armuelles, Panama,
 Beach Side
Home for Sale

This secure, sturdily built single story, beach side home is offered for sale at $129,000 USD.

Your first question might be: "Well how close to the beach is it?" In this picture the purple gate on the right is the front of the house and at the top center of this picture is the Pacific Ocean. I walked from the gate and had my feet on the sand in 59 seconds.

So if you stood at the front gate you could see the Ocean.

This is the west side entrance to the house. To the right is a narrow laneway with a wooden gate leading to the covered carport.

The road to the house is compacted sand but the paved road is a mere 100 yards away.

As you enter the house the first room is spacious living room. The door to the right leads to the kitchen, and the door to left leads to the den or computer room. The floor is tiled and there is a drop ceiling.

The room is cooled by two large fans and a split air-conditioner.

Turning to your left in the living room you pass through a set of patio doors onto the open air secured patio.

If you are new to life in the tropics, you may question the need for bars on doors and Windows. Petty theft is a problem in EVERY country in Latin America. Prevention is the keyword - it keeps you safe and the locals honest.

coming directly off the patio is the entrance, first to the second bedroom, and then to the master bedroom. Again, a well tiled floor and a split air-conditioner.

the ensuite bathroom features  "his and hers" glass washbasins and a glass-block walled shower.

To the right of the Bathroom is the utility room and storage cabinets.

This is the view from the utility room to the bathroom and bedroom - note the Colonial style tiling throughout.

North West view of the house showing the covered carport.

The property has a wide variety of tropical fruits growing on it including,

6 Guanabana trees, Mango, Noni, Orange tree and Guava.

The lot size is 980 square meters and it has approximately 1100 square feet of construction. There is municipal water and electricity and sewage is by means of a septic tank.


This is the beach less than a minutes walk from your front gate. There are normal  three boats moored here belonging to local fishermen. I am told you could ask José (I am sure one of them is called that) if he would take you fishing. The cost could be as low as $40 for half a day. You could catch Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Corvina. For $40 you could feed yourself for a week.


This area is called Corazon De Jesus (Heart of Jesus) It is home to many

ESR's (English speaking residents). You will not be without English speaking friends and almost every weekend someone is having a barbecue. The town of Puerto Armuelles is only ten minutes drive away and has a bank with an ATM, 24 hours supermarket and several places to dine. It also features a sizeable emergency hospital.

This beach side Puerto Armuelles home is offered for sale by owner

at $129,000 USD.

for further details please contact the owners at:


Below is a map of Puerto Armuelles and the home is located in the area marked: Corazon De Jesus

Puerto Armuelles has a population of approximately 25,000 and is the second largest city in Chiriqui after David City.

Temperatures range from a daytime high of 92F to an overnight low of 72F.

It was home to the United Fruit Company's Chiquita Banana division until 2008.

The Fruit Company's headquarters were in the historic Blair house and the guests over the years included every then president of Panama and Central America as well as Hollywood stars John Wayne, William Holden and Pat O'Reilly.

The town has several supermarkets; ROMERO is open 24 hours a day. There is one credit Union and One bank (Bank of Panama) and Banistmo has an ATM in the central part of town.

The hospital has a 24 hour emergency department.

There is a thriving ESR (English Speaking Resident) community and they operate a neighbourhood watch system called Vecinos Vigilantes.

There is a new Hotel called "Heavenly's" and is run by an American.  It features a swimming pool, bar and a great restaurant.

30 minutes drive south of Puerto is the fishing resort "Hooked on Panama" Here you can hire a professional crew and boat and go big game fishing.

There are government plans to build a deepwater port for cruise ships and as part of the "Dry Canal" between Puerto and Chiriqui Grande. Part of this project is the new 4 lane highway  between Puerto and Paso Canoas which is nearing completion.


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