Improving Home Resale Value

Quick Guide to Making

Your Home's Resale Value Climb


Replace your roof – According to Remodeling Magazine, new roofing boosts resale value by a national average of nearly $12,000. You will see a higher return on a new roof than adding a bathroom. Hire a trustworthy contractor for this improvement to ensure the job gets done safely and correctly.

DIY backsplash and paint – Practice makes perfect, and is a good indicator of whether or not a particular project is in your skill set. When installing tile, buy an old table at a thrift store, lay down some guide rods (wooden dowels do the trick) and practice laying it before installing it.

 Or, when painting rooms, start with the smallest area first to see how the paint color looks and to gain some hands-on training before moving on to the kitchen or living room For a DIY backsplash, test your skills first using tips from HomeAdvisor.

Boost curb appeal – Improve your curb appeal with basic landscaping. Trim bushes, pull weeds, mow and put down fresh mulch or stones. Add a pop of color with annual flowers that sprout up quickly and have a longer blooming period. Most can be bought already in bloom, making it a simple way to add a statement. 

Don’t let the exterior of your house take a backseat though. Give it a good cleaning with the hose to wash away built up dirt and grime, but be careful using a power washer, as the strong force can chip away caulk.

Home improvements that increase the resale value are worth the effort. Hire a roofing contractor and then tackle your backsplash, paint and curb appeal projects yourself.


Images via Pixabay by tookapic & RitaE