A new addition
to the list of
hotels in Panama

The Radisson Decapolis is one of the newer hotels in Panama City. It opened in 2004 in the very center of the banking district, just across the road from the Pacific Hotel's motif copies design of traditional Kuna Indian molas. This one is in the entrance. Ocean. A pedway conveniently links it to the equally modern Multicentro shopping center.

The hotel’s design is avant-garde, yet it tries to bridge the gap between modernity and the ancient traditions of Panamanian Indian people. The motif in front of the main door and repeated throughout the hotel is similar to patterns found on the colorful appliqué molas made by Kuna Indians.

Seven-meter head towers over dining area.

Even the name of the more formal of the hotel’s restaurants, the Fusion, echoes the thinking behind the design. Large photographs of bare-breasted Embera women adorn the walls of the luxurious rooms. The Kuna motif is repeated on the glass walls and doors of the bathroom suite, which is actually three rooms, bath and washbasin in one, shower in another, and toilet in a third, all spacious. A seven-meter tall sculpture representing a native head towers over the dining area of the Fusion Restaurant. The see-through bottom of the swimming pool above it forms part of the restaurant’s ceiling. The two together: once more a fusion of old and new.

The Radisson Decapolis: one of the more comfortable hotels in Panama.

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