Images, petroglyphs of Panama

Castillo petroglyph, Nueva Suiza, near Volcan

two eruptions on the Castillo petroglyph

the Castillo petroglyph located in feild in the town of Nueva Suiza, near Volcan. It purports to show the eruptions of 1450 A.D. that took place on Baru Volcano.

Olga and Gladys Castillo, owners of the rock.

The stone is on land owned by the Castillo family, Sisters Olga and Gladys sit atop the rock and give reference to its size.

Close up picture of one of the carvings

possible carvings of a lava flow from the nearby Baru Volcano

carving on the west of the rock shows lava flow, possibly from the same eruption in 1450.

The unbiquitous spirals

The spirals can be found on petroglyphs throughout the world. This is the oldest universal symbol. It may denote hot spots where lava is flowing out.

The Caldera petroglyphs

old calendar?

possible eruption carving?

large stone located in the village of Caldera south of Boquete, Chiriqui

Ancient UFO?

UFO or gold refining furnace?