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Do you have information on Panama? Are you an ex-pat living in Panama? Do you have views on life in Panama? Do you have an interest in the wildlife, botany, geology or any other component of our magical surroundings here? Do you have experience in buying or selling real estate?

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What has been your experience with medical or dental services? Are you a private pilot? Do you have a business? Has there been a dramatic improvement (or worsening) of a health condition that you can attribute to moving here? (My asthma has virtually disappeared and I use no medications now.)

Hearing the experiences of others has always been a useful guide for me when trying to make up my mind about something important. I know it would have been useful if there had been information on Panama from ex-pats for me to read before I came to here. I’m sure I would have made fewer mistakes.

And, really, that’s how this site started: to provide information on Panama I would like to have had long before I left Canada. For one thing, I would have sold my car there and bought something more practical here. That would have saved me a lot of money, and I would not have come within a whisker losing my life twice on the way.

I do not have all the information on Panama, and I never will. Nor does any one of us. But, collectively, we have a mountain of information that would be useful to both potential retirees and to tourists. And simply to armchair travelers.

Experiences individual

We already know how this country compares to what we had before we came here, and if we didn’t consider Panama to be an improvement, we would presumably not still be here. Our reasons for being here, and our experiences, are all individual.

Will you share your information on Panama and your experiences with the visitors to this site? And if you have photographs that fit with what you write, they would be most welcome, too. I will edit your stories if I think they need it (I am a professional editor, among other things). If you wish to remain anonymous, just tell me. If you have a business, we’ll provide contact information. If you have a website, we will provide a link. Help us to help our readers and we will help you in any way we can.

Having said that, one piece of advice: this is not an advertising website. It includes information deemed to be of interest to potential ex-pats and tourists (who are the source of potential ex-pats). Articles by business owners that are merely promotional in nature will be rejected. Provide useful information and we’ll be glad to give you a plug at the end. But if you’re not an owner and you wish to rave about a restaurant, for example, we’d love to hear from you.

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It’s a sad commentary on the Internet, but to avoid the hundreds of daily Spam e-mail messages, please take the time to write your story or other information in the box below. If you wish, you can write it in your word processor and copy and paste to the box.

You can also use this means to tell us what other information on Panama you would like to see that we may not yet have considered. Or to tell us of the error of our ways. Or anything else you think we should know. We’d love to hear from you.

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Readers' experiences

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