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Updated November 2013

Chiriquí Libre Articles:

UFO's or UML's. Volcan's long history of seeing mysterious lights in the sky. Panama through European eyes.

A farewell to Arms," The story of Manuel  Noriega's 30 ton weapons container. Volcan's last Tiger. "What I earned from my Urn," How to make a cost of living saving from the dead.

The strange history of Volcan's airport. How the world's media was fooled by a story of Spanish treasure.

Serial Killer William Dathan Holbert, confesses to murder.

 Alone on a desert island. The freedom fighters of old Volcan. Carla's heliconia heaven. Haven Spa health news. Pictures of ELVIS -alive!

Orange Blossom Highway. Chiriquí's little known scenic highway.  "Wonder Beneath our Feet." A journey down the spectacular Macho De Monte Gorge.

Panama's first hurricane? New market, art shows, ancient UFO's ?

March 01 2009. A boom in construction, spaying clinic, massage therapy, The Velasquez of Panama, bad roads.

March 15 2009. Colonial David, reflexology, crime prevention, Hooked on Panama resort and the spider man of Volcan.

April 15 2009. Quilting, Reiki, mysterious caves, guitarist extraordinary, Jehovah's Witnesses in the highlands.

May 01 2009. New president elected, arometherapy, steam train memories, Chiriqui Art Festival, best little restaurant in Panama.

July 2009. Las Lajas Resort, essential oils, Hartmann: legendary mountain man, Alternative electrical sources, Egg man of Volcan.

September 2009. Hydro alternatives, artist Brenda Paulson, fixing a road, Finca Dracula

November 2009. Passing of a great president, Maestro of the backhoe, acupuncture, Dos Palmitos B&B, food colorings for health, discovering Chiriquí.

November 2008. The Great Storm in Chiriquí. Devastating rains leave hundreds homeless and four dead.

Human Interest & Animal Stories

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE: August 2008.

A story of the death of a furry friend and the birth of 110 Olive Ridley Turtles.


Flying cats and dogs to Panama, October 6th 2006

A Monkey in My Arms. January 2010. The story of the Alouatta Monkey sanctuary in Panama.

Stories about Volcán.

Alices-restaurant-panama-style (affordable dining in Volcan)

Cabalgata-volcan (horse riding carnival)

Volcan-breakfast-club (meet the locals in Volcan)

Volcan-sunny-days-starry-nights ( Dry season, the best place in the world)

Volcan's-blue-water-mineral-spring ( natural phenomena)

Volcans-carnivore-cuisine (Great Volcan Thai restaurant)

Volcans-shangri-la-hotel(Hotel acommodation with escapism)

Volcan's-taste-of-Italy (Volcan's great Italian restaurant)

Volcan emerging, September 01 2006

Volcan Panama, September 03 2005

Volcan hot springs, September 01, 2006

Volcan or Boquete, June 4th 2005

Britain's-best-builds-in-Boquete (Birds, flowers and ornamental gardens)

Boquete bubble, August 03 2006

Flower Capital of Panama, March 10th  2006

Villa Marta Boquete, March 10th 2006

Bocas Del Torro.

 Bocas Del Torro revisited.

Interesting Places to Visit.

fortuna-hydro-electric (panama's second greatest engineering marvel)

Panama City.

Flight to Panama, February 28th 2006

Panama Viejo, old city, December 5th 2004

Shopping in Panama, La Central, June 2nd 2006

Panama taxi, Jose Hidalgo, August 3rd 2006


Chitre town on the Azuero Penninsular, April 13th 2006

Arts & Crafts.

totumas-panamas-lost-art (the amazing & durable calabash.

Woodworking maestro of Panama, September 22nd. 2006


Business opportunity in Panama,  March1st. 2006

Panama wines, February 22nd. 2006


Panama native dress, August. 2006

History & Mystery.

petroglyph-mysteries-of-panama (Panama, a 2,400 year old country?)

 legend-mountain-man-panama (read about the "Daniel Boone" of Chiriqui)

 disappearing-bees-panama (Chiriqui's bees are disappearing - are cell towers to blame?)


Miracle at Sitio Barriles, March 1st, 2006

Sitio Barriles petroglyphs, , MAY 23rd 2005

Relocation & Construction.

panama-drivers-licence (how to get one)

 backhoe-artist (need a good backhoe operator?)

Relocating to Panama ONE,

 ship a container or sell everything?, June 28th 2006

Relocating to Panama TWO,

 buy or rent first? August 4th 2006

Panama relocation THREE,

where to live? September 1st 2006

Panama relocation FOUR,

 build or fix-up, October 6th 2006


Panama straw house, June 28th 2006

Cost of Living & Shopping.

The Best Little Bookstore in Panama

Panama cost of living comparison, October 6th 2006

Panama shopping in city of David, June 28th 2006

Panama economy, April 24th, 2005

Panama money, May 4th, 2006


Las Olas Beach resort, June 2nd, 2006

Altos del Maria resort, August 19th. 2006

Travel Stories.

sixty-year-embrace (a touching story of two old friends)



(peaceful Panamanians win the day)

Buddhist realtor in Volcan, August 03 2006

Chitre town on the Azuero Penninsular, April 13th 2006

A walk under the dead Indian, February 22nd 2006

Life out of the fast lane, October 6th 2006


The night I saved Volcan, March 31st 2006

Sons of beaches, April 13th 2006

Pets & Veterinary Care.

making-mountain-mothers (En vitro fertilization of cattle)

Dog show at Bambito hotel, March 31st 2006

Banking & Economy.

Panama money, May 4th, 2006


Panama economy, April 24th, 2005

Health & Insurance.

Health insurance in Panama, September 3rd 2005

Borojo cancer treatment, August 03 2006

Birding In Panama.

Birding in Panama, December 3rd. 2005

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