Finding the best value in your price range among Panama hotels

Why a section Panama hotels? People thinking of retiring to a country with which they are not already familiar should really do more than read about it before they take the big plunge. Most, unlike me, have the sense to come first as tourists.

If a facility appears here, it is because I believe it offers value and quality within its price range. Bridge of the Americas over the Panama Canal If it does not appear here, it is most likely because I have not yet stayed in it. Or it maybe I thought it unworthy of mention. Because I check out every hotel before I am willing to recommend it, this section will not grow overnight like a mushroom. This is probably a three-year project – by which time there will be even more Panama hotels.

Information about resorts and hotels in Panama is an obvious need for people staying here for periods ranging from days to a week or two. Over the next few months, apartment hotels will be added to the list. Some potential pensionados need accommodation for a month, or two or three, while real estate negotiations are being carried out. Living in Panama hotels – or hotels anywhere – for that length of time could quickly lose its appeal, no matter how comfortable the hotel.

How many rooms? Who cares?

This section is not where you will learn how many rooms a Panama hotel has, information freely available on other websites. Frankly, unless you are arranging a convention, who cares? What's important is whether there’s a room for you, when you want it, and at the right price. But before that even is the question of whether a particular hotel is right for you.

I will try to give you a little of the atmosphere of each facility and let you feel the differences. As time goes by and the number of hotels for which there are listings increases, that job will become more difficult – but I will do my best.

I have not included information on rack rates. Experienced travelers look for discounts, so rack rates bear little resemblance to what people actually pay.

Links to articles on Panama hotels are provided below, alphabetically by name, location and type. Click on a link and you will be taken to a page specific to that facility. You will also find links to stories about the chefs of most of the Panama hotels I review.

If there is anything I can do to help you or to improve this section, please let me know.

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Other articles in this section

Panama City

The Q-tips? At the Caesar Park Hotel it's the little touches like Q-tips and cotton balls in the bathroom that make a great hotel into an excellent one.

El Panamá is a melting pot, in a way, it's clientelle a mixture of Panamanian, tourist and businessperson, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Radisson Decapolis , in Panama City's banking district, right across the street from the Pacific Ocean, is an interesting blend of ancient and modern.

Bambito, near Volcan, Chiriqui

Bambito Hotel set in a peaceful nook, seemingly untouched by the big bad world, serves trout from its own pools.


Costa Blanca

The Royal Decameron Resort , 90 minutes west of Panama City, is anything you want it to be: relaxing or active. With all the food, drinks and entertainment you could want as part of the price, it's bound to be a good time.


Panama Canal, Milaflores Lock

While you dine at the Miraflores Restaurant , right alongside the lock of the same name, it feels almost as if you could reach out and touch the shipping as it passes through the Canal.

Panama City

The executive chef at the Caesar Park thinks of himself as a food seller. He must be doing something right because the locals keep coming back for more, so that revenue from food equals that from hotel rooms.

Chef Paul Carrillo, at the Radisson Decapolis , serves tasty fare with a Peruvian flavor. Stuffed grouper is to die for!


Caesar Park Fitness Center is unusual among hotel fitness centers. Guests must pay to join the many local residents who pay annual membership fees.

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