Beautiful Large Tuscan
Style Villa 

Large, Tuscan Style Villa, located at a cooler higher elevation of 1,000 feet,   minutes from the small Chiriqui town of Concepcion.  The exterior and interior design makes this home certainly one of the most elegant in all of Chiriqui – and one of the most beautiful Villas in all of Panama.

By most Panamanian standards this is a large mansion. 4400 square feet under cover with 14 foot high ceilings which add elegance, airiness and keep this home remarkably cool in this tropical climate. The square footage of the main house is 2100 square feet.

EXTERIOR: As you approach the villa, located in a secure, gated development, you cannot fail to appreciate the great care and attention given to the landscaping. A great deal of thought and precision went into the planting of the many shrubs, trees and flowers.  The design is reminiscent of a Tuscan country villa with its high, octagonal tower, Spanish tiled roof and protruding buttresses. The second story balcony above the double garage, further highlight the strong European influence evident throughout this home.

ENTRANCE: The custom-built, steel security doors on the main- and all entrances – are tastefully designed to blend in to the overall design. This provides fortress type security - necessary in any third world home - without the look of a gothic castle.

As you enter the hallway, to your right is the office located in the eight-sided high tower. This room also contains the monitors for the elaborate security system. 

Across from the main entrance you step down into the main living room. To your left is the kitchen with its open plan view into the living room – ideal for when you have guests and wish to converse while cooking – further down the room you see the lower open patio and the delightfully manicured garden.

To the left of the main hallway is a bathroom with a shower and a tub. Next to it is the guest bedroom

All the surfaces are top-of-the-line; marble, granite and Onyx.  The well appointed  kitchen features stainless steel sinks, appliances and a garburator. The early morning sun filters onto the kitchen counter top and makes you think what a great place to sit and have a morning cup of coffee. Furthermore, it would be a great place just to do the dishes.

MASTER BEDROOM: On the opposite side of the home is the master bedroom. This is wide and spacious with a King size bed. It has an en-suite and a walk-in (dehumidified) closet. The bedroom provides a clear view out onto the southern  garden.

There are two lower patios. The first is shaded with a southern exposure, perfect for sun loungers and a cool spot for lunch, the second patio features a full indoor barbecue set up. Ideal when you want al- Fresco dining on the days when inevitably it will rain.

THE GARDEN: Passing through the custom built steel security gates you enter the garden. In front is a raised bird bath and feeder. One of the beauties of Panama is that is has hundreds of brightly coloured birds.This is a birdwatcher's paradise.

The owner told me that TOUCANS  (see picture below) are frequent visitors to the home. This bird bath will provide the new owners with hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Steps away is the gazebo. This is a perfect place to sit in the shade with your favourite book or a cool drink on a sunny afternoon.

THE GUEST APARTMENT:  From the barbecue patio you pass into the double car garage. Immediately to your left are the stairs up to the guest apartment. This is another feature of the Villa that gave me a “wow” moment. The room was enormous compared to usual guest accommodations. It was open plan. The sun was streaming through off the balcony of the French doors to my left, the large bed was in front of me and the dining area to the right. The first words out of my mouth were “I could live here.” This suite is certainly large enough to rent for the long term.

Down below in the garage is a small office type work bench – possible man-cave?

FEATURES:  The Villa was built in 2010 on a 1,000 square meter lot.

It has 200 amp of power, sufficient for all Air conditioning and other high usage needs.

Dedicated 4” water line from a water treatment plant.

Additional in-house 1750 liter water back up tank with reserve tank, pressure bladder and pump. Even further to that there is a concrete lined external well.

  • Dehumidified master closet.
  • Top of the line countertops of marble, granite and Onyx.
  • The overall construction quality is exceptional with seismic-resistant 6” block with heavy steel reinforcement.
  • All of the custom built woodwork is of the highest quality and some of the built in furnishings are included in the price.
  • Air conditioning in 4 rooms and provision for all other rooms if needed.
  • Laundry and utility room.
  • Extra outdoor bathroom and gardener’s shed.
  • House taxes are exempted until 2030 and exemption can be transferred with title.
  • Substantial security systems, for obvious reasons, these details will only be revealed on request. Sufficient to say the villa is well equipped to cover all major security concerns.
  • SERVICES: 2 miles away down a well paved country road is the town of Concepcion. (see pictures on side panel)A new hospital and large multi store plaza will soon be completed.  Concepcion has 2 large hardware stores and 2 large and modern supermarkets. 25 minutes away is David City with a multitude of first world shopping. Additionally there is the David City International airport with daily 35 minute flights to the capital Panama City.

Finally the price:

In all my years of advertising real estate finally I can say:

You will not believe the price: $385,000 USD

Please contact the owner for more details at:

The nearest town to this home is CONCEPCION (about ten minutes drive south)

It features 2 modern supermarkets (ROMERO and SUPER 99) 2 banks with ATM's. Two modern hardware stores. Numerous small restaurants and stores.Hospital and pharmacies.

DAVID CITY: is about 15 minutes drive away and has an international airport, major hospitals and a first world shopping center.

BEACHES: about 30 minutes drive south of David are many beaches.

VOLCAN: is about 30 minutes drive north from the home and has14 supermarkets, 3 hardware stores, 3 banks, and 30 places to eat. Volcan also has about 300 expats who meet regularly and welcome and assist newbies.