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VOLCÁN, in Chiriqui Province of Panama is a fairly recent addition to the list of desirable retirement locations.

Some basic facts:

It is located at an altitude of 4,500 feet. That means it has a year round "Eternal Spring" climate. Never too hot or humid.

The population is around 11,200. So it is a decent size city however it is far from a large, sprawling metropolis.

SERVICES: It has an unbelieveable 11 supermarkets. (no idea why so many.) It has three banks and 3 ATM's machines where you can access your US and Canadian funds.

RESTAURANTS: There are over 30 places to eat, but to be honest there are just about a half dozen that are regularly frequented by English Speaking residents.

HOSPITAL: we have a new and hopefully, it will be a 24 hour emergency  hospital where foreigners can be treated at almost embarasingly low costs.

ENTERTAINMENT: We have two great "PUB Style" restaurants; DEEP FOREST and MANA'S that feature live English music every weekend.

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