Rachel's Page 
The Artwork and stories of Rachel Young.

The staff at ChiriquiLibre made this PRESS PASS, specially for Rachel. Her mother says she was so excited she insisted on going to bed with it.

Rachel Young is a special person, dear to the hearts of all who know her in the Panamanian mountain town of Volcan.

 At our regular Friday morning market, Rachel always comes up to me and gives me a hug like I am her best friend in the world. Regardless of what kind of a week I have had, good or bad,  I always leave feeling wonderful and I have to thank Rachel for making me feel special.

This page has had thousands of hits from all over the world. She is consistently one of our top visited pages.

Below is a new picture from January 2017.

Rachel, is a prolific artist and we will be regularly adding to her online gallery.