Single woman in Panama

Panama is single woman friendly

Are you an older single woman? Possibly a divorcee or widowed. You might have thought about a different –more affordable and enjoyable life style here in Panama but have been held back by that “fear of the unknown.”

Good news and even more good news
If you have thought about moving here then I have several items of good news for you. First a single lady friend of mine; Jeannie Friedman will be starting her own website just for single women who want to move to Panama. It will have all the information you will need -from shipping to health insurance and from buying a home to starting a small business.

Your sisters are here to help you.
Secondly I went and asked several of our single lady friends to describe their life here. I wanted them to dispel the fears that exist about moving to a strange country. As a male I have learnt that men and women are wonderfully different. I will admit that shopping with my wife can be a strain- however Lydia just loves to spend hours with her women friends going into a succession of fabric, furniture and clothing stores – things that bore the living daylights out of those of us of the testosterone persuasion.

Jeannie Friedman, plans to start her own website for property management, investment tour groups as well as running her existing wellness center. Jeannie lost her job as a massage therapist to a younger person and found herself in a situation where her savings were being depleted and she had to struggle to make mortgage payments.

She came to Panama with an investment tour group and fell in love with the country. At that time she couldn’t see how she could support herself, a chance to investigate the real estate market gave her the insight into how she could not only support herself but more importantly how she could have a better quality of life.

Rainbow lands on Jeannie's house in Volcan

She admits to finding an almost spiritual enlightenment here in the town of Volcan. The mountains of Chiriqui abound with relics from long lost civilizations going back almost three thousand years. She described standing in her garden and looking up at the awesome grandeur of the 11,400 foot Baru Volcano just as the dawn was breaking. To the east, the pale pink of the morning sky was contrasted to the west, by the still shining stars of the night sky.

“There is an air of peace and tranquility here that continually refreshes my very being,” She told me. Jeannie didn’t come to Panama completely alone-she chartered a small plane and brought 10 cats and three dogs with her.

Betsy Boeve

I have never felt threatened
Another friend of ours is 53 year old divorcee, Betsy Boeve. When I asked her about security here in Panama, Betsy made the above comment. Her feelings based on a comparison of life here as opposed to that in the US, is that Panama is “way safer.”

Her sister, Cindy Reicher, echoes many of these sentiments. They told me of one wonderful occasion when their car broke down on the road to Bocas del Toro. A local bus screeched to a halt and a pile of men piled out and immediately started to help them. They got them to a mechanic, provided them with water and did their best to get their car working again.

Panamanians are pretty much like this – they have a warm giving nature. They have somehow managed to eliminate a great deal of the stress that seems to plague their northern neighbours.

The plus and minus of Panama living.
Both sisters did acknowledge that there are some shortfalls here-shopping can be difficult, and you need to be defensive when driving. However the negatives aside you will find that there is a greater sense of community in Panama – almost the way things used to be in the US, many, many years ago.

There are many advantages to living here in Panama – for one thing the medical costs both for medication and treatments can be as little as 10% of the cost in the US.
Cindy did add one very important comment. “The aggressive, loud person doesn’t fit here.”

If you are a single woman and desiring to make a positive change in your life, then all you need is a little bit of courage. If you choose Panama then I promise you, there will be many of your “sisters” here to help you through the transition.
You will not be alone.