Chiriqui Libre
February 2013 Edition 

In this edition we have two stories. The first is about the ongoing mystery of Volcan's UNIDENTIFIED MOVING LIGHTS or UML's. The second article comes from InterNations Gmbh in Munich, Germany and puts a European perspective on living or moving to Panama.




The Mata de Pava

Mystery Lights

We are not claiming to have solved the whole worldwide UFO phenomenon- but we believe we may have an answer to some of the reported UNIDENTIFIED MOVING LIGHTS – or UML’s.

The Panamanian mountain town of Volcan has more than its fair share of weird and wonderful people and happenings.

For the past 70 years, residents have seen balls of light coming from either the Baru Volcano or what locals claim is an old indigenous burial ground called Mata de Pava.

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 European Eyes.

InterNations Gmbh


Relocating from Europe to Panama can come to quite a shock. Living in Panama is very different than living in Europe in many different aspects, primarily because of the lifestyle. Though, with its great infrastructure, relaxed and friendly people, and very low cost of living yet high quality of life, Panama is sure to amaze in numerous ways.

First of all, the most important hurdle to overcome is the visa situation. The Panamanian government regulates visas, especially work visas or work permits quite heavily. 

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