Volcan breakfast club,
good food, and even better companionship

Castillo restaurant Volcan

The Volcan breakfast club isn't really a club at all - anybody can join. Meetings are held seven days a week at the Castillo restaurant on the Cerro Punta road.

Just this morning, some regulars mentioned that the club provides something that is lacking in modern day society - that being the art of conversation.

Members come from all over the world and include Americans, British, Dutch, Canadians and the odd visitors from all over the globe. At yourpanama.com we recommend visitors dropping in on this hearty band of coffee drinkers, because they are a wonderful source of local information.If you plan to buy property in the area, consult the members of the breakfast oracle and you can't go far wrong.

Visitors to the club.

The membership includes doctors, lawyers, dentists, musicians, therapists - in fact people from all walks of life. They have decided to retire and possibly make Volcan their home for the rest of their lives.

The Castillo restaurant is a bit of a feature in Volcan, Gladys Castillo the owner, is a pillar of the local community. She welcomes all to her restaurant and she works incredibly long hours - the cafe opens at 6:30 in the morning and is still serving customers late into the evening.The food is good, hearty and surprisingly not expensive at all- an average breakfast with eggs, bacon, coffee and a local delicacy called a Hojaldre (pronounced (Oh-haldruh)will set you back just $2,50

The line of cars attests to the popularity of the restaurant.

The beauty of the breakfast club is that it is a club run by people who hate clubs - there are no membership fees, no rules, no dress code, there isn't even a formal meeting time. Anyone can join, all they need to do is turn up and participate.

For newcomers to Volcan this is highly recommended. If you want a builder, lawyer, architect or doctor, just ask, and someone will supply you with the information. Best of all the information comes from people who have learned from experience, whom they should reccommend, or not.

If you come to Volcan, go to the Castillo Restaurant, just walk over to the corner table, introduce yourself and your in - it's as simple as that. You will find a table full of friends that you didn't know.
David Dell