Volcan cabin rentals,

Located in the countryside at the
quiet southern end of town,
A great place to start your
Panama adventure!

Cabanas Reis, is a newly opened facility at the entrance to Volcan.It has 12 cabins available, all with hot water, shower and most with internet access and Direct TV.
Prices range from:
Single queen, without Direct TV at $33 per night.
Single queen with Direct TV, at $36 per night.
Two queen sized beds, with all facilities, $46 per night. All rooms have en-suite shower with hot water and there are kitchen facilities with fridge for snacks ,coffee etc.

This is the double queen sized room. It rents for $46 a night and has hot water, internet access and Direct TV.

This is the single room with One queen sized bed. Cost $36 per night.The rooms have been tastefully decorated and are clean, cozy and modern in design.

Yourpanama.com is located a few steps away.