Eternal Spring Riverfront Seclusion in Spectacular Location
(The Motmot House in Paso Ancho)

Located in the upscale community of Paso Ancho.

At an altitude of 5000 ft or 1500 m

It wouldn't be an understatement to say this could easily be a film stars ideal retreat. It has a wonderful year round climate and more peace, tranquility and serenity than you can imagine. This has acreage plus-which extends right to the river bank.

As this overview picture shows the house is set in a large garden. There is a covered car port on the side and a large open patio on the river side.

This patio is where you might spend the majority of your time. Most people eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here and then might enjoy a glass on wine and gaze up at the stars as the day draws to a close. There is absolutely no light pollution here so you view westward to the setting sun and the evening stars will be truly breathtaking.

Across the fence is the Chiriquí Viejo river. Thanks to a 1923 American Ambassador, the river is trout bearing. Fresh fish for breakfast?

As you enter though the front door turning left is the living/dining room.

On your immediate left is the first bathroom (ideal as a guest bathroom)

There are three bedrooms, with 2 bathrooms. as you can see the rooms are expensively tiled and spacious.

Extensive use is made of local hardwoods in the closet doors and bathroom vanities.

The master bathroom features a tub and a shower. Hot water is available throughout the house. For comfort during the cooler evenings there is a gas heater available in the sitting room.

This is a view across the living room to the front door. The bedroom doors on the left and the glass patio doors are on the left.

Another view across the room toward the kitchen showing the dining table.

The kitchen come complete with a microwave, toaster oven and a large stove.

AS A BONUS, the home is offered as turn-key. Which means that all you need to bring is your suitcase with your personal belongings. Knives, forks spoons, bed linen, towels,  plates etc. will all be there waiting for you.

Water comes from the local Paso Ancho water system. The water is pure and does not require treatment with chemicals. The cost for a year’s water is an unbelievable $75

This is the utility room with and over-and-above washer dryer. You can see the gas water heater on the right corner wall.

If you stand up on the patio you can see the rushing waters of the river. These sounds are a wonderful way to lull you into a deep and pleasant night's sleep. Bird-watching enthusiasts will be in their element as many brightly coloured creatures including some almost iridescent species of hummingbirds will there for their delight”.

Your garden is surrounded by tall pines trees. Flowers of all varieties grow year round. Don't worry about mowing the grass- there is always affordable local gardeners who will do the job for you.

Most daytime highs rarely go above 80F (27C) and night time lows are around 62F (17C)

These are actual flowers filmed in the garden in July of this year.

Normally July would be in the rainy season but this year -maybe due to El Nino - there is an unseasonal belt of fine sunny weather. Even so, most days in this region start off sunny and you can see blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Then around mid-day or later you get rain. The dry season from December to May is almost rain free.

Serenity and solitude; this is the roadway leading to the house. The main gate to the public road is about 100 yards behind you.

This is Panama's highest peak; the 11,400 foot Baru Volcano. In the dry season it is possible for fit people to hike to the summit, where you can see both the Pacific and the Caribbean oceans. This I promise is one feature you will never tire of seeing - it never appears the same from day to the next.

As you can see from this map the property is located approx. 5 kilometers from the center of Volcan, and about 1/2 kilometer from the paved road.

There is a YouTube video of this home.

Please CLICK on the link below to view.


Google earth location of Las Plumas Holiday Home Rentals. Location coordinates 8°49' N / 82°37' W

LOT sizes are: Motmot: 61421.96 ft2  (Metric) 5709.21 m2

Home ca. 2600 ft2 (241 m2)

Construction year 2007 and based on high North American standards.

This home is also advertised on the VRBO website (Vacation Rental By Owners) see the listing on 55927

(The above is very important; if you do not want to reside all year round at the home-it is a proven rentable home-Possibly income producing for maybe part of the year?)

This home is offered for sale with clear title.

The price in US dollars is: $339,000 (Negotiable)

For further details please contact the owner Mr. Dirk de Veer:

VOLCAN, will be your closest large town where you can buy groceries etc. and do banking. Here are some Answers to frequently asked questions

11,200 at the last census, of which about 300 are expats.



Yes, you need original letters of recommendation from your home bank - but you can draw money from the ATM even if you do not have an account.



10 supermarkets, 3 hardware stores, three gas stations, two garden supply stores and over thirty places to eat.



Yes. It takes about 2 months and you do have to fill out some forms.



Yes. The majority of locals believe that the American "Just Cause" invasion of Panama, liberated them. However, most locals think that all Americans are millionaires.



Yes. Every Friday morning most of the expats meet for breakfast at MANA'S RESTAURANT. We have ex pat musical "Pub Nights"  every  Saturday at the DEEP FOREST TAVERN.

In July 2015, the new CABALLO LOCO (mad Horse) saloon opened. There is music every weekend and here you can meet all your expat friends.

If you sing KARAOKE or play the guitar you are most welcome.


 There are hiking, walking, quilting and motor bike clubs. There is an unspoken rule that we help "newbies" in any way we can.



There are many FREE articles about the history of  Volcan area at:



Free maps are available for Volcan and most of Panama at: